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Tube strikes? Take the opportunity to explore on foot

As the possibility of more tube strikes loom, this walking map helps demonstrate an alternative for the part of your journey in Central London

As talks continue between RMT union and the London Underground, another possible Tube strike is looming. The strike is likely to affect services across the whole of the network with many stations closing, particularly those in zone 1, and is planned between 18:00 on Sunday 5th February and 11:00 on Wednesday 8th February 2017.

What this means for those commuting by rail is that there are likely to be no interchange services operating once you have arrived at your main national rail station in central London.

For those commuting by tube, London Underground is planning to use their available resources to get customers as close to central London as possible with the services they are able to run, before passengers will need to use alternative modes to cross central London.

So, as the weather mildens, why not get as far as you can and then take the opportunity to explore on foot.

Last year, TfL released the first official version of an update to the iconic London Underground map, showing how many minutes it takes to walk between each station. This year, TfL have released an updated version, showing an approximation of how many steps it takes to walk between each station. So, whether you are looking for a way to get to work during the tube strikes, looking to explore somewhere new by foot, or looking to add some mileage to your step counter, take a look and see if walking could help you during the tube strikes.

Blackfriars railway station to Southwark, for example, takes just 11 minutes and 1,100 steps while Liverpool Street to London Bridge takes only a quarter of an hour. But of course, remember to take an umbrella!

(You can download the maps from the left hand side of the web page)


Created Feb 2 2017