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Welcome to Better Bankside

Find out what being a part of Better Bankside means for you.
Peter Williams

Better Bankside is your local Business Improvement District. A non-profit company, run for and by our members. In November 2014 Better Bankside balloted all eligible businesses and received an 88% majority voting in favour of renewing our term for another five years.

Extension Area

In April our boundaries will extend west to Hatfields and south to Webber Street. If your business is located in this extension area and eligible for membership, you will become a full member on 1 April 2015.

If you’re unsure whether you’re a member of Better Bankside give us a call on 0207 928 3998 or info [at] (subject: Am%20I%20a%20Better%20Bankside%20member%3F) (email us).

What this means for you…

As a business in the new Better Bankside area

Until now your business has been just outside the Better Bankside area but from 1 April 2015 your organisation will automatically be included. We’ve been working in the area since 2000, representing the interests of our members. Our aim is to make Bankside a better place to live, work and visit. We do this in a number of ways which include providing employee services, local knowledge, networking opportunities, environmental services and increased security in our neighbourhood. From April you will have full access to our services.

If you would like to know more about what this means for your business, give us a call on 0207 928 3998 or info [at] (subject: I'm%20a%20new%20member%20of%20Better%20Bankside%20in%20the%20extension%20area) (email) us to schedule a meeting or ask any questions that you may have.

As an existing member

By expanding our area and welcoming new businesses into our organisation we are increasing the effectiveness of Better Bankside to work for you. An increase in spending power will allow us to improve our services across the neighbourhood. The wider network will also mean greater opportunities for networking and working together. As our number of members grows our ability to lobby on your behalf will grow as well.

As a new member

Whether you’ve just moved to the area or your business is eligible to be a Better Bankside member for the first time, a host of our services will now be available to you when you become a member on 1 April 2015. You’ll be joining a vibrant and successful business community.

To discuss what we can do for you give us a call 0207 928 3998 or info [at] (subject: I'm%20a%20new%20member%20of%20Better%20Bankside) (email )us.

Our Services

Responsive Street Cleaning

Our Cleaning Team wash and sweep the streets, remove graffiti, fly posting and gum, providing a cleaning service that is additional to that provided by Southwark Council. This is a responsive service, so call us to report any street cleanliness issues and we will come out to help as soon as possible. Call the office, or Chris Bateman, to report a problem on 020 7928 3998.

For more details on our Street Cleaning click here.


We provide a free recycling service to our members through First Mile. They will provide you with recycling bags and make collections on Monday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Periodically we run an electrical goods collection service.

For more details on our Recycling Service click here.

Cycling Services

Better Bankside provides a range of services supporting cyclists or those thinking about cycling to work. Monthly Dr Bike sessions will give your bike a tune up for free while you work. We offer the loan of Brompton bikes to help your company get around or get a taste for cycling to work. We also offer security marking, a secure cycle park and maintenance classes as well.

Business Toolkit

A source of quality online resources to help improve your business from expert contributors. Get in the know on myriad topics ranging from website user-experience to business tender writing.

For more details on the Business Toolkit click here.

Bankside Buzz Card

Want to save money in a range of restaurants, bars and shops in your local area? The Bankside Buzz is you key to doing so. A brilliant employee perk as well as a great way of promoting your business to the Better Bankside network of over 600 businesses.

View the latest offers and get your card here.

Bankside Wardens

Our wardens patrol the area 12 hours a day to ensure the neighbourhood stays a safe place to live, work and visit. You may have seen them patrolling in their pink uniforms.

Find out more or report an issue here.

Community Connections

If you’re looking for a way to give back to the community we can help you by providing links to local charitable organisations and volunteering opportunities in the neighbourhood.

See the latest opportunities here

Get Involved

There are a number of way that you can get involved with Better Bankside from joining one of our theme groups or sitting on the board of directors.

If you would like to find out how you could be involved click here.


This is just a summary of our services. The Better Bankside team would be happy to meet with you to discuss in more detail how we can work together. Call the office on 0207 928 3998 with any questions or queries.

Created Mar 19 2015