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Wellbeing Monthly: Headaches, neck pain and osteopathy

March's thought from our Wellbeing@Work experts
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This month we hear from Ben Quigley, Wellbeing@Work osteopath, on the question of persistant headaches and neck pain. To book an appointment with Ben, take a look at our £10 Taster sessions.

Headaches and neck pain are a very common problem which I see, and can be effectively treated by osteopathy. There are several causes of headaches, the most common being cervico-genic, ie referred pain from the neck.

Different structures in the neck can cause pain to be felt locally or in the head. Restricted, misaligned vertebrae will refer pain when the neck is moved beyond its capacity causing a strain in the vertebral joints, such as a sudden movement of the neck or typically looking over your shoulder when reversing a car. A very common problem occurs in the two highest vertebrae which typically refers pain to the temples and behind the eyes, often leading to migraines.

The surrounding musculature can also refer pain with the formation of tight knots of contracted muscle known as 'trigger spots'. These trigger spots are commonly found at the back and sides of the neck and where the head meets the neck and the neck meets the shoulders.

So how can these causes be treated?

With the use of osteopathic techniques headaches and neck pain can be eradicated and, with good posture and specific exercises, reoccurrence can be prevented.

Adjustments to the vertebrae re-align a misaligned spine restoring proper movement so the neck isn't prone to 'locking up'. Deep inhibition (compression to muscles) will reduce tension and eradicate the trigger spots.

Osteopathic manipulation and follow up exercises are proven to reduce the incidence of cervico-genic headaches. Headaches and neck pain are seen as normal by many people who endure them everyday and see painkillers as the only way to help stop the pain.

With a detailed case history, thorough osteopathic examination to identify the root cause of the problem and the use of manipulation, these all to common symptoms can be effectively treated.

If you cannot make the £10 taster slots and are interested in getting to the root cause of your symptoms, you can also book an initial consultation with Ben Mon-Fri. This month there is a 50% discount £24 (normal price £48).

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Created Feb 21 2013