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Wellbeing Monthly: Top tips to avoid workplace strains

Six easy tips to help keep you injury free!

This month we hear from Wellbeing@Work partner Premier Therapy, based in Bankside Health Club, on how to avoid and seek help for workplace strains and WRULD’s (Work Related Upper Limb Disorders) previously known as Repetitive Strain Injuries.

Workplace strains can range from backache to discomfort in the arm,wrist shoulder or neck. These are not necessarily caused by the workplace but the work environment may make it difficult for condition resolve. Typically people who perform  repetitive tasks over a long duration tasks such as computer work, writing notes in preparation for exams and musicians who perform repetitive fine movements of the arms and wrists are at risk of developing WRULD's.

Here are 6 easy tips to prevent and improve strains:

1) Keep both feet flat on the floor

2) Keep your back upright and supported

3) Make sure your thighs are supported

4) Have the top of your monitor at eye level

5) Make sure your forearms are supported

6) Every hour, get up and move away from your desk

Premier Therapy Physiotherapist at the Bankside Health Club can help by:

  • Assessing and diagnosing the condition
  • Determine the contributing aggravating factors to the problem
  • Provide strategies to combat the contributing factors
  • Provide treatment consisting of Manual Therapy, Exercise, Acupuncture and Electrotherapy.
  • Visiting the workplace and performing Ergonomic Workstation assessments

Research has shown that ergonomic strategies can be cost-effective and improve workplace satisfaction. An estimated 35% of the UK's working population suffers from back pain and 17% from limb disorders (arms, legs), costing UK businesses up to £6 billion in production loss each year.

Early assessment of any aches and pains in the workplace is advisable to help prevent a simple niggle from developing into a long term problem. Contact Premier Therapy and quote 'Better Bankside offer' to get 30% off your first physio appointment today.

Created Feb 28 2014