Bankside Fit Hub

50% off flexi membership for July and August

No Joining fee, no contract and only £19.50 for July and £19.50 for August (RRP £39 per month). From September the subscription automatically reverts to it original price of £39 per month. Membership includes unlimited use of the gym and classes. 

Jump To It At Bankside Fit Hub

The Bankside Fit Hub is a multi-gym that brings you unbelievable value. In class equipment and facilities, brilliant location, and inspirational trainers are ready to help you to make the most of your time working out.

They’ve been a busy gym for years for a reason. When you become a Bankside Fit Hub member, you can enjoy a wide range of fitness. Workout or take a class with likeminded people. Ramp up the intensity, stick to your favourites or try something different. Reset your balance.


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