10% off all membership packages at CrossFit Central London Gym

10% off all membership packages
If your goal is to improve your strength and overall fitness quicker and more intelligently than you have managed with any other programme, CrossFit is for you. CrossFit uses a blend of gymnastic elements, Olympic weightlifting movements, kettle bell exercises and other real world activities to improve the ten components of fitness: strength, power, speed, stamina, cardio-respiratory endurance, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy and flexibility.
All CrossFit exercises are completely scalable, meaning that whether you are an elite athlete, someone getting fit for the first time, rehabbing from an injury, from eight to eighty years old, you can adapt your workout to maximize your potential and provide you with concrete results.
CrossFit offers one month and three month contracts and a money back guarantee. If you train three times a week for three months and you are not moving, looking and feeling fitter than you ever have you will receive a full refund.*
* The money back guarantee requires that you train three times per week for 12 weeks. Workouts need to be logged in your training folder.

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