The Corner at Tate Modern

25% off after 5pm

Level 1, Natalie Bell Building
Tate Modern
London SE1 9TG

Sunday to Monday 10.00–18.00
Tuesday to Saturday 10.00–23.00


Corner, located at Tate Modern, is a riverside deli café and bar that offers a delectable menu of seasonal and locally-sourced dishes.Throughout the day, the venue transforms seamlessly, bustling as a vibrant café during the daytime and transitioning into a lively bar as the evening sets in.

Head Chef Chris Dines takes great pride in carefully curating the menu, ensuring the finest British produce is showcased at its peak. Collaborating with leading suppliers in regenerative farming. Daytime visitors can relish specialty coffees from the in-house roastery at Tate Britain, along with homemade soda bread and sandwiches made from flour sourced through pesticide-free ancestral farming methods. The salads boast locally-grown leaves and herbs, nurtured with 100% renewable energy in SE1, delivering optimal freshness upon delivery.

As night falls, the venue entices guests with a tempting selection of options, including fourteen craft beers, seasonal brews, and exhibition specials. Monthly tap takeovers offer patrons a chance to sample a diverse range of flavors. The award-winning cellars present an impressive collection of wines, featuring biodynamic choices served on keg. Cocktail enthusiasts can indulge in artist-inspired drinks, classics, and a variety of alcohol-free alternatives. Corner’s forthcoming events program, commencing in Autumn, promises captivating and unique experiences inspired by artists and food lovers alike.

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