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Hundreds of our members now recycle with us. Join them today.

Our recycling provider, Paper Round offer a seven day collection service with consolidated collection times to reduce congestion and improve air quality within the Better Bankside area.

Paper Round is the commercial recycling expert dedicated to transforming the future of resource management, today. Founded by Friends of the Earth in 1988 and now a standalone company, we’re born environmentalist. Paper Round are a zero to landfill waste company and send all general waste for energy from waste. Together, we find new uses for old resources, promoting the circular economy and creating a better future for everyone.

Recycling collections cover the categories below and you can find further information via the service guides (please see attachments box on the left):

Cans, Paper and Plastic Containers Collections

Once you sign up or switch to using Paper Round, you will receive a free allocation of recycling sacks. Paper Round will monitor the use of sacks for Better Bankside and will advise you if you exceed your sack allocation.

Accepted items in the ‘Cans, Paper and Plastic Containers’ sacks includes:

  • Copier paper – white or coloured
  • Card – white or coloured
  • Leaflets
  • Brochures, magazines, newspapers (please remove plastic film and place this is the general waste sack)
  • Junk mail (please remove plastic film and place this is the general waste sack)
  • Business directories, including Yellow Pages
  • Envelopes, including “window” envelopes
  • Drinks cans and food tins (please make sure these are dry and clean)
  • Plastic bottles

* * *

Glass and Cardboard are also collected by Paper Round separately:

Cardboard – please order the pre-paid roll of cardboard tape from Paper Round (at a discounted rate for BID members). All cardboard needs to be flatpacked and one blue Paper Round cardboard sticker should be placed on top of the bundle. The bundle can be taped with normal tape but the blue sticker notifies the driver that the cardboard is ready for collection.

Glass – Paper Round can collect this from the kerbside. They can provide thicker glass recycling sacks or bins if you have a large quantity of glass to be recycled.

* * *

Confidential Waste

We are currently trialling a confidential waste recycling service with an offer of ten free confidential waste sacks (each holds 35kg of waste material) for the first 50 businesses that apply for the service. Paper Round will measure the take up of the service and the amount of waste material that is removed. Depending on take up the service may continue as a free service. If there is a strong response to the service it will be offered as a subsidised service with Better Bankside providing a discount of up to 25% on the price of the sacks.  

* * *

Food Waste Recycling

Paper Round is offering a food waste recycling service with daily collections if required. The food waste collected is taken to Anaerobic Digestion plants where it is treated to provide energy and fertilisers. The material is not taken for incineration nor to landfill. Paper Round will provide sacks and bins suitable for the collection and storage of food waste. 

* * *

Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

Better Bankside offers free WEEE collections every three months, with dates of collections announced at the beginning of each year, with reminders throughout the year. All forms of small to medium/large sized electrical items will be collected. If you are interested in using the service you should contact Paper Round on 020 7407 9100 at least two weeks ahead of the announced date and book in your collection. Please give details of the materials and the location of the collection point.

* * *

Disposal of used PPE, tissues and hand towels

Tissues, hand towels and PPE such as face masks may have come into contact with the Coronavirus. It is imperative these are incinerated and NOT placed in your recycling 

Paper Round can supply heavy duty orange sacks with cable ties and PPE disposal bins to ensure this waste stream is clearly identified and kept separate for your safety.  Orange sacks should be double bagged, tied and placed in separate identifiable waste bins. Paper Round will empty the PPE bins and ensure they are incinerated. For more information call the Paper Round team on 020 7407 9100.

To sign up, please call us on 020 7928 3998 or email Tom Harris at


Created Nov 18 2012