Bankside Recruitment Pioneers

Join the Bankside Recruitment Pioneers to help level the playing field and uncover the true potential of all candidates.

Better Bankside is partnering with innovative hiring platform Applied to help Bankside businesses find the best talent for their roles in the most inclusive way.

We know that finding the right candidates has always been a challenge, but in a competitive market, it’s more important than ever to use effective ways to identify the best talent.  Applied’s platform redesigns the recruitment process to remove unconscious bias by using skills-based assessments that help improve both the diversity and the quality of candidates.

The Bankside Recruitment Pioneers project offers 10 members the opportunity to use the Applied platform for free to recruit for 3 roles over a 12 month period (worth over £3,000).   You will see the difference the system makes in your business as we’ll measure the platform’s impact on the diversity and quality of your candidates throughout the recruitment process.

We’ll also be offering de-biasing recruitment training and webinars with Applied, which will be open to all Better Bankside members.

Traditional recruitment methods don’t work.

So many businesses are still relying on a hiring process that dates back to the 1950s.  One we know continues to present barriers to candidates from under-represented groups despite best efforts to adapt how we recruit.

  • People with non-white sounding names submit 70% more CVs to achieve the same success rate as other equally qualified candidates.
  • Under-employment affects more Black and ethnic minority candidates: over 40% of all Black African employees are overqualified for their current jobs
  • Brexit and the pandemic have intensified recruitment challenges – there are currently a record 1.2 million job vacancies in the UK

It’s time to do things differently.  Join the Bankside Recruitment Pioneers to help level the playing field and uncover the true potential of all candidates.

Why Applied?

Applied is an innovative hiring platform designed to disrupt traditional recruitment processes to tackle unconscious and implicit biases.

Despite our best intentions, humans are less than perfect at making decisions. Studies show that the tools traditionally used to aid recruitment decision-making – like CVs, unstructured interviews, and network connections – only exacerbate embedded biases.

By anonymising applications, using a skills-based approach, and building transparency and analytics into every step of the process, Applied finds vital talent that could otherwise have been missed.

The platform makes the hiring process efficient as possible. Applied users see the time they spend on recruiting drop by up to two thirds!

“We’re more committed than ever to grow & develop as an inclusive organisation. We’re energised to remove barriers and bias from our processes and feel that joining this programme is going to help us take real action to change our hiring practices for the better. We see recruitment is one of the biggest ways that an organisation can revolutionise so we’re thrilled to be supported on this by Better Bankside & Applied.”
Sarah Hicks,
Deputy CEO, The Bridge

How to get involved?

There’s more information here – Recruitment Pioneers Briefing

Be one of the 10 Recruitment Pioneer businesses: register your interest now or get in touch with Charlotte Stanley and Rachel Nicholson.