Responsive Street Cleaning


Our cleaning team wash and sweep the streets, remove graffiti, fly posting and gum, providing a cleaning service that is additional to that provided by Southwark Council.

You can’t miss our cleaning team and pink vehicles as they work hard to patrol Bankside and maintain high standards in our public spaces, providing a cleaning service that is additional to that provided by Southwark Council. Their responsibilities include washing and sweeping the streets and removing graffiti, fly posting and gum.

This is a responsive service so please call us to report any street cleanliness issues and we will come out to help as soon as possible – 020 7928 3998.

The cleaners inspect and clean nearly 100 locations throughout the BID, focusing on spaces that are either not cleaned by the Council or are difficult to clean due to heavy footfall or difficult surfaces. The team also responds to call outs from businesses and other organisations to clean up areas outside their premises where there has been fouling, spillage or dumping of rubbish. In addition if our wardens see any daily cleanliness problems they will call the cleaning team into action.

Our Community Wardens help to improve the environment by identifying and reporting litter, graffiti, fly tipping and abandoned vehicles to the council’s cleansing services. The monitoring of street and estate cleaning helps improve the appearance of the area and discourages further crime and ASB. The Wardens are empowered to issue fixed penalty notices for littering and dog fouling.

Our team will clear snow and grit paths in the winter, and we will expand our severe weather plan to cover other extreme conditions ensuring Bankside remains open for business all year round. In the eventuality of heavy snow and ice, the cleaning and wardens teams will assist the council to keep the best used footways through the area safe and free from ice and snow. We have placed 11 salt bins in strategic locations throughout the BID and filled these with salt for use by our teams and those businesses who have agreed to help scatter the salt. Better Bankside are linked to the Council’s Winter Service Manager for weather information which will trigger the response from the Council’s street cleaning and highways services and Better Bankside’s teams.

Cigarette bins

Better Bankside have installed a number of new lamp post mounted cigarette bins throughout the area, to help combat the issue of cigarette litter, which is a prevalent problem across Bankside.