Community Wardens & Environmental Enforcement


Our Wardens patrol the area 12 hours a day Monday to Saturday, 6 hours a day on Sundays.

The Wardens provide reassurance to people working, living and visiting Bankside and keep crime low.

Community Wardens

Our Wardens patrol the area 12 hours a day Monday to Saturday, 6 hours a day on Sundays. Shifts may change at short notice due to operational needs.

To refer an issue to the Wardens, use our online referral form here. This will go directly to the Wardens and they will respond when they are next on shift.

The Warden service is provided for Better Bankside in partnership with Southwark Council’s Regulatory Services and builds on the Council’s expertise of providing a community warden service in Southwark over the last 14 years.
The warden team’s four main functions are to:

  • Provide reassurance to people working, living and visiting Bankside.
  • Help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in the BID.
  • Look after and protect the environment of the BID.
  • Meet and greet visitors to the BID.


The Wardens can also be contacted as follows: 

  • Via online form
  • Better Bankside Wardens Team Mobile 07725 625954
  • Southwark Council’s Warden Admin Office 020 7525 5846 (Mon – Fri 10am – 4pm)
  • Better Bankside’s office 020 7928 3998 or email 
  • Via our Contact Us page


The Better Bankside Wardens are all first aid trained and have London Ambassador accreditation. This team has been accredited by the Borough Commander, Southwark Police, under the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS). This gives the Wardens limited powers, to combat crimes such as:

  • Cycling on a footpath
  • Begging
  • Graffiti
  • Fly posting
  • Selling alcohol to under 18s
  • Selling alcohol to someone who is drunk
  • Dog fouling
  • Littering
  • Stop and direct traffic

Better Bankside wardens also have the power to demand:

  • Name and address of people who have committed antisocial behaviour
  • The surrender of alcohol from persons acting in an antisocial manner in a designated place
  • The surrender of alcohol from under 18s
  • The surrender of tobacco products from under 16s

Bankside Enforcement Officer  

For the last 5 years we have part funded an Environmental Enforcement Officer, alongside Southwark Council. Our Enforcement Officer patrols the neighbourhood focussing on the following issues:  

  • Illegal street trading 
  • Illegal gambling 
  • Rubbish dumping & fly tipping
  • Breaches of the Environmental Health Act 
  • Nuisance busking and street performers  

If you would like to flag an issue for our enforcement officer to deal with please contact Better Bankside’s office 020 7928 3998 or email 

The wardens and enforcement officer also help tackle issues such as:

Rough sleeping

Rough sleeping is a term used to describe the practice of individuals, either through choice or by force of circumstance, to sleep overnight in public spaces. Rough sleeping does occur in Bankside but is limited to a small population of regular sleepers known to Better Bankside and the Council. Rough sleeping creates a feeling of insecurity as well as pity and compassion. Each day Better Bankside Wardens visit places that are known to be haunts for rough sleepers, usually along the riverside, around Clink Street and along Montague Close. They will always speak to the individual, make some assessment of well being and if capable ask them to move on. They will always note personal details and pass these on to the Council’s Street Population Outreach Team or a voluntary agency. The Wardens will call for assistance for those in need of medical attention or for police support in those cases where there are threats of violence.

Street drinking

The term street drinking is used to refer to individuals who persistently drink on the streets, usually in groups, consuming alcohol purchased from places like off-licences and supermarkets. Such drinking is associated with offensive and abusive behaviour, disturbance to neighbours and surrounding businesses and littering and fouling of public and private space. Better Bankside’s Wardens deal with street drinkers on a daily basis.