How we're funded

Better Bankside is a not for profit company, limited by guarantee, funded and led by you – our member businesses. Over 10% of our members are involved in our governance, through our theme groups and board of directors.

Am I a member? How much do I contribute?

Every five years, businesses have the opportunity to vote on whether they want Better Bankside to continue. This ensures our programme of projects and services remains relevant to the membership. After the 2019 successful ballot win, all businesses with a rateable value of £26,000 are members of Better Bankside and pay 1.1% of their rateable value.

2019 ballot

On 29 November 2019 the businesses in the Bankside area voted overwhelmingly for another five year term, with 92% in favour and 55% turnout in terms of numbers, and 97% in favour and 69% turnout in terms of rateable value.

This increases the majority by numbers won in 2015 and is in fact the largest ever ballot majority achieved by Better Bankside.

The ballot extends the life of the Better Bankside Business Improvement District (BID) to 2025 and expands our area from 750 businesses to almost 1,000.

The result secures £11m investment over the next five years to deliver projects and services that improve the neighbourhood. The BID boundary was extended from April 2020, welcoming more businesses into the Better Bankside community.

We worked closely with local businesses and other stakeholders to co-create a 2020-2025 proposal for Bankside, ahead of the 2019 ballot.

Ballot results

Total number of votes cast (excluding any ballot papers rejected) 596
(Turnout by numbers) 55%
Aggregate rateable value of votes cast £142,633,600
(Turnout by rateable value) 69%
Votes in favour 550
(Votes in favour as percentage of turnout) 92%
Votes in favour by rateable value £138,542,250
(Votes in favour as percentage of turnout) 97%

How is my levy invested?

Better Bankside runs a five year business plan. Through delegating budgets to theme groups, populated by representatives from businesses, we encourage enterprising action whilst ensuring transparency, accountability and participation.

Our services are additional to those delivered by the local authority and other providers.

The BID area

From April 2020, we extended the BID boundary, welcoming more businesses into the Better Bankside community. The wider area includes
broader sectors of the community, including four schools.

We are committed to growing our neighbourhood to create a more diverse business network, a stronger unified voice and new opportunities for all.

Annual General Meetings (AGMs) provide a further opportunity for members to comment on our services and shape our programme going forward. Find out more about the last AGM.

Further information about how Better Bankside is managed, funded and run is available in the BID arrangements, along with details of our revenue and planned expenditure.

Download our Memorandum and Articles of Association.