Get involved

We’re an organisation of innovators and do-ers, continually seeking new ways to involve the Bankside community in the co-creation and ideation of our programme.

In partnership with Banksiders, we have developed strategies to drive economic growth, energise our community into climate action and shape a happy neighbourhood.

We encourage members to join theme groups to address various elements of our programme, giving you the opportunity to share expertise and ideas, collaborate and meet your business neighbours. If you would like to be involved on behalf of your business, have a particular interest in any of these areas, and want cultivate connections, please get in touch.

These groups cover:

Area Promotion

Promoting Bankside as a destination, and all it has to offer.

Bankside Urban Forest

Driving innovation and improvements in the public realm.

Bankside Business Network

Bringing businesses together, enhancing the offer for people working in Bankside.

Corporate Responsibility

Connecting businesses, charities and community groups.

Environmental Innovation

Keeping Bankside’s streets and spaces clean, recycling, single use plastic reduction.

Security and Resilience

Safety, resilience, disaster contingency.

Sustainable Travel

Air quality, freight, walking, cycling, advocacy.

Venues Bankside

Promoting meeting venues and event spaces to corporate bookers.