Our subsidised recycling scheme is available for every member, saving you money and helping the environment.

All Better Bankside businesses are eligible to sign up for subsidised recycling service with Recorra (previously Paper Round). As part of the service each business is eligible for:

  • a free annual allocation of Paper, Cans & Plastic Containers (previously called Dry Mixed Recycling) sacks, based on the businesses RV most businesses receive between 200 – 400 sacks which equates to a £142 – £284 saving
  • a 15% discount on food waste sacks
  • free quarterly waste electrical items collections
  • additional discounts on general waste, cardboard collections and other waste streams,
  • we will be introducing subsidised glass and coffee ground collections as of next financial year.

If your business has used up your free allocation of Paper, Cans & Plastic Containers sacks, you can purchase more at a significantly discounted rate.
The service is generally a curb side collection, however if necessary bins can be provided for businesses and a discount will be applied to the service to the same value as their allocation.

Recorra will work with the business to arrange collections times and dates that work for the business. They can also come into the business and carry out a waste audit to identify areas where recycling rates can be improved and additional savings made.

Recorra recently made the move to rename the Dry Mixed Recycling to Paper, Cans & Plastic Containers in a bid to combat waste and recycling contamination, and to help people identify more easily what is able to go in these sacks.

Look out for the change of name in your scheme, including in new posters and signage, sacks and bins and invoicing.

Food Waste Recycling

Recorra is offering a food waste recycling service with daily collections if required. The food waste collected is taken to Anaerobic Digestion plants where it is treated to provide energy and fertilisers. The material is not taken for incineration nor to landfill. Recorra will provide sacks and bins suitable for the collection and storage of food waste.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment collection

Free IT and waste electrical and electronic equipment sweep for your business every quarter. In an effort to reduce congestion, pollution and to ensure an efficient combined service for Better Bankside members. All data will be securely wiped from the items collected. Extra charges apply for the collection of CRT monitors, UPS’s, hard drive shredding and large domestic appliances.
Recorra make these collections and they need to be booked in advance. See our events page for the next scheduled collection or get in touch with us to find out more.

Coffee Cup recycling with The Cup Fund

As we know the UK is addicted to coffee, drinking around 2.5 billion cups a year. That’s 285,000 cups every hour, every day. It helps fuel the nation, but the result is a significant waste problem. Takeaway cups can only be recycled effectively when collected and processed separately as they are a complex fusion of paper and plastic. This leads to most being incinerated, ending up in landfill, or worse still being left as litter on the street.

To help tackle this issue, Better Bankside and Team London Bridge, in partnership with recycling experts Recorra, have launched a coffee cup recycling scheme. With £100,000 of funding secured from Hubbub and Starbucks’ The Cup Fund, we have installed 20 specially designed public coffee cup recycling bins, targeting high footfall areas spanning Tower Bridge to Blackfriars Bridge.

In addition to our on-street campaign, we are offering a new subsidised office collection service for businesses to encourage responsible recycling of their coffee cups.

Disposal of used PPE, tissues and hand towels

Tissues, hand towels and PPE such as face masks may have come into contact with the Coronavirus. It is imperative these are incinerated and NOT placed in your recycling.
Recorra can supply heavy duty orange sacks with cable ties and PPE disposal bins to ensure this waste stream is clearly identified and kept separate for your safety.  Orange sacks should be double bagged, tied and placed in separate identifiable waste bins. Recorra will empty the PPE bins and ensure they are incinerated. For more information call the Recorra team on 020 7407 9100.

To find out more please get in touch