15 June – Clean Air Day: The Tyre Collective interactive discussion

  • Date Thursday, 15 June 2023
  • Time 4pm 5pm
  • Address Audreys, 1, FLAT IRON SQUARE, Union St, London SE1 0AB
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Join us as we hear from Hanson, founder of The Tyre Collective for an exclusive dive into the world of particulate matter. 

Over a million tons of tyre wear particles are produced across Europe annually. It is the second-largest microplastic pollutant in our oceans and a major source of air PM pollution. The Tyre Collective is a clean-tech start-up spearheading the capture and monitoring of tyre wear, accelerating the shift towards true zero-emission mobility. This talk will uncover the world of non-exhaust emissions and how we are tackling this stealthy pollutant one vehicle at a time!  

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