22 June – Bankside Exchange: Keeping connected

  • Date Tuesday, 22 June 2021
  • Time 12pm 1:30pm
  • Address online - book through Eventbrite with password Bankside
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As we move to hybrid working, how do we stay connected to our organisation, colleagues and to Bankside? Join our roundtable discussion on 22 June.

For more than a year we’ve been working from home, spread out across the city and beyond, learning new digital ways to connect with our colleagues. How do you stay connected as the team work from home and the workplace? How do you make sure employees still feel connected to their businesses and to Bankside after so long?

Join us for our next roundtable discussion on keeping Banksiders connected with their colleagues, businesses and with Bankside.

Bankside’s unique culture and creativity will be key to reconnecting people to the area, a neighbourhood that has experienced constant reinvention. Our recent collaboration with the Tate Collective, Beyond Boundaries, brings five stunning new artworks to the area. These respond to the events of last year and are aimed at reconnecting people with the area, each other and art.

We’ll share how we’re encouraging Banksiders to play where they work, together with our Roadmap to Return and other initiatives to support your return to the workplace and help your colleagues reconnect with Bankside.

This session is an opportunity for you to share what you’ve learnt, how you’ve adapted and the new challenges you’re facing as we return to Bankside. If you have questions or discussion topics you’d like us to cover then please email Charlie Stanley, Membership Manager, CS@betterbankside.co.uk.

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