2 Feb – Better You: Mental health in the hospitality industry

  • Date Wednesday, 2 February 2022
  • Time 12pm 2pm
  • Address Online event
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It’s estimated that 1 in 2 people working in hospitality face problems with their mental health. Late nights, unsociable hours, high stress environments all take their toll. So Lets Talk is a not-for-profit platform with a mission to 86 the silence.

They are here to provide education, events, training and activities on all aspects of mental, physical and financial health inside of the hospitality industry. Working with hospitality-focused individuals, businesses, groups, and organisations along with renowned experts from the fields of health, nutrition, exercise and beyond, we develop bespoke solutions for the specific needs of those who operate in or with the hospitality industry.

Let’s Talk About SECS is an introduction into their core sessions at So Lets Talk, focusing on their four pillars, SLEEP, EAT, CONNECT and SWEAT.

  • SLEEP: The only core-biological function we actively avoid.
  • EAT: Helping you make an informed decision on how to fuel yourself in a healthier way.
  • CONNECTION: Connection comes in many forms, either with ourselves, other people or with nature. In this session, we will be chatting with you about how we can become more connected.
  • SWEAT: Do you sweat/move for yourself outside of the industry? We will chat to you about fitness perspectives, habit loops and movement.

This is an online event. A zoom link will be sent out nearer to the time.

You are welcome to join this event if you live or work in Bankside.

This is part of our annual Better You programme to support your health and wellbeing, designed to encourage you to be your best and happiest self, despite what 2022 may bring.

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