Bankside Rules – stand out from the crowd

  • Date Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Use our Bankside Rules floor stickers to keep people entertained in your queues and outdoor spaces while safely distancing

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Banksiders stand out from the crowd. A neighbourhood with an independent spirit and a rebellious past, we ask that all your disobedience is civil. The new Bankside Rules advise no high fives, elbow bumps and air kisses only and that you set yourself apart. We celebrate standing out from the herd.

Set some #BanksideRules floor stickers outside your premises to keep people entertained in your queues and spaces as they safely distance.

If you’re a consumer facing business or office and would like some of these markers for outside your business to help with queuing and crowds, let us know and we can arrange for them to be sent to you. The vinyls are 300mm circles and can be easily installed. Send an email to us via this link and let us know your business name, address, and how many you need (15 max).