Keppel Row Garden


A hidden alley behind Southwark Street is transformed into lush rain garden with a mysterious artwork keeping watch.

Working with London Borough of Southwark, we transformed Keppel Row, a hidden back alley from concrete jungle to verdant and sustainable street.  With funding from the Mayor of London’s Greener City Fund, and S106 from the nearby redevelopment of 60 Southwark Street works were completed in 2019.

The improvements include a sustainable drainage system which captures and diverts rainwater run-off into the on-street planters, reducing pressure on the local drainage network.  Visit Keppel Row during a heavy rain downpour to see this system in action, the rainwater miraculously filters through the road surface!

A mysterious artwork by Marian Grolmus, inspired by the place name of Keppel Row watches over the space.