14 April – Plant Club: sunflower challenge

  • Date Wednesday, 14 April 2021
  • Time 12:30pm 1:30pm
  • Address Book via eventbrite with password: Bankside
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Join us for a fun, family-friendly activity with Heidi from St George’s Family to launch our Sunflower Challenge.

We’re launching a Sunflower Challenge this summer to celebrate the return to Bankside and rebuild connections across our neighbourhood. We’re inviting everyone to join in, whether you work for a Bankside business or you live in the local area. Starting in April, we’ll run a series of events throughout the year as your sunflowers grow from seeds, get planted out and even how to harvest, store and use the seeds they produce over the winter.

We’re also encouraging people to ‘grow one and give one’ so that we can pass on your extra sunflower seedlings to local community groups or plant them out in the network of green spaces that Bankside Urban Forest has developed across the area.

The sunflower challenge is part of ‘Everybody’s Garden’, a new initiative we’re launching to encourage everyone in Bankside to reclaim pockets of potential green space across the neighbourhood, whether that’s in your workplace if you’re lucky enough to have a roof or balcony, or it could be a tree pit on the street outside. We can also help you identify a suitable space, as well as lend you tools and give you guidance on how to develop your patch of ‘garden’.

At this event on 14th April, Heidi will show you how to plant your sunflower seeds and nurture them as they start to grow. If you want to follow along with us, you’ll need the following kit:

• Sunflower seeds – we’re growing a mix of giant and dwarf sunflowers, but you’re welcome to pick your own favourite variety

• Seed pots – no need to buy anything special, you can reuse old pots, recycle containers such as yoghurt pots or even make your own from newspaper using a tin as a mould

• Compost – multipurpose compost is best, which can often be found in local supermarkets, DIY stores or homeware shops

• Gloves – as you’ll be handling seeds and compost, we recommend wearing gloves as well as washing your hands thoroughly afterwards

This is an online event, please register via Eventbrite using password: Bankside.

Open to all Bankside residents and employees.

If you have any questions or want to suggest discussion points in advance then please email Georgia Smith, gs@betterbankside.co.uk

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