19 Jan – Better You: Self-compassion webinar with Breathe London

  • Date Wednesday, 19 January 2022
  • Time 9am 10am
  • Address online - book through Eventbrite
Register using password: Bankside

The last two years have been unrelentingly tough. We’ve missed loved ones and missed many of the big moments in the lives of our friends and families. And we’ve had to change the way we work radically. Add homeschooling and caring for the people we love to the mix, and it’s no wonder people want more gentleness, certainty, and self-care in their lives.

Despite our challenges, many of us experience an internal self-critical mindset – ‘I should be able to handle this”, “ I should be more resilient”, and so on.

In our self-compassion webinar, Andy Roberts from wellbeing business www.breathe-london.com explores the research into self-compassion of Dr Kristen Neff and introduces tools to help bring more self-compassion into our lives.

This is an online event. A zoom link will be sent out nearer to the time.

You are welcome to join this event if you live or work in Bankside.

This is part of our annual Better You programme to support your health and wellbeing, designed to encourage you to be your best and happiest self, whatever 2022 may bring.

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