28 Sept – Deaf Awareness Training

  • Date Wednesday, 28 September 2022
  • Time 2pm 4pm
  • Address Bankside Community Space 18 Great Guildford Street London SE1 0FD
Register using password: Bankside

This two hour in person Deaf awareness training is run by Remark!, a Deaf led organisation all about empowering Deaf people. They provide British Sign Language interpreting and training and support the Deaf community.

This session will cover:

  • Basic Deaf Awareness, including how to approach a Deaf person. Taking care not to shout or be frustrated with a Deaf person
  • How to communicate when wearing a mask during Covid-19, as many Deaf people rely on lipreading and facial expression
  • What is deafness?
  • Coping with communication difficulties
  • Deaf culture
  • Lip-reading
  • Tips for effective communication
  • What is BSL vs. Makaton
  • Getting a Deaf person’s attention
  • Deaf Technology
  • Basic signing / greetings

The session will be held in person at Better Bankside Community Space.

You are welcome to join this event if you live or work in Bankside.

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