New Year New Data

  • Date Friday, 3 February 2023
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Kyri Vassilas

At Better Bankside, we’re dedicated to keeping our businesses informed about the local area so they can make informed decisions. With our previous footfall data provider contract ending, we searched for a more accurate solution to gain insight into the habits of visitors and workers in Bankside.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with MyTraffic, a data source that provides unique, anonymous mobile data. This data not only reveals the average footfall in Bankside, but also sheds light on the visitors and workers themselves, including their neighborhood of origin, income, spending power, and more. Plus, MyTraffic’s heatmap highlights the most popular areas of Bankside.

Each month, Better Bankside will be sending members insights based on this data, which includes:

  • Average footfall by time and day of the week
  • Dynamic footfall changes week by week
  • Origin data, highlighting the neighborhoods from which visitors and workers come
  • Sociodemographic profile of visitors, including age, gender, annual income, household size, and spending power
  • Footfall heatmap of the area, showcasing heavy footfall areas in Bankside

Our first report will be sent out in February. If you’re interested in receiving these monthly insights or would like to discuss the data in more detail, please email Kyri Vassilas at