We’re Backing Bankside

  • Date Thursday, 8 April 2021

Let us remind you of all you’ve been missing in Bankside, from gyms and salons to food and drink and more, with new Backing Bankside offers.

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Bankside businesses still need your support. We’ve curated a variety of ways that you can directly and indirectly support local as you re-explore the neighbourhood.

Team Building Activities in Bankside: It’s probably been a while since you’ve seen your teammates in person. If you’re looking to boost creativity and wellbeing, or simply reconnect with colleagues, there’s nothing better than stepping outside of the workplace. Find some activities for you and your team here.

Creative spaces to work in Bankside: Need a flexible space away from the workplace or a creative spot for a meeting outdoors ? We’ve put some suggestions together as part of our Play where you work campaign. Browse your options here.

Free the deals! As you start to play where you work, rediscovering all that Bankside has to offer, check out where you can save money as you go with our latest Buzz offers below.

Banksiders can apply for a buzz card here.

We’ll continue to add more information to this page, but also follow us on Instagram @bankside_london.

Food & Drink:

Health, Beauty, Shopping and Lifestyle:

Travel & Accommodation:

If you’re a consumer-facing business in Bankside and would like some promotional support from Better Bankside, please contact Chelsea Bodenham, CB@betterbankside.co.uk.